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Matica Crnogorska is an independent non-governmental organization of intellectuals, founded at Cetinje in 1993. The Parliament of the Republic of Montenegro adopted Law on Matica Crnogorska as an independent organization in the field of culture on May 18th 2008. The day of Matica Crnogorska is May 22th, datum of its foundation.

The purpose of Matica Crnogorska is keeping and development of the cultural identity of the Montenegrins and people who live in Montenegro , in all areas of intellectual, scientific and artistic creation, and especially works on strengthening of national and cultural self-consciousness of Montenegrins in the native country and in the world. For that purpose Matica Crnogorska stimulates the study of cultural and historical heritage of Montenegro , publishes monographic and periodic publications, papers and studies, organizes professional discussions and lectures, and establishes connections with the Montenegrin emigrants and foreign cultural institutions. Matica Crnogorska publishes magazine for social issues, science and culture MATICA since year 2000.

Matica Crnogorska appeared as a reaction to war and it is persistent against the violence, manipulation, assimilation and for peace, democracy, multiculture, freedom of creation and religious and ethnic tolerance. Matica Crnogorska supports integration of democratic and sovereign Montenegro into Mediterranean and European cultural space both in the field of social relations and human rights and in the field of culture, media, science and arts for the establishment of the universal criteria and European standards. For that purpose Matica Crnogorska has published its program Montenegro facing the challenges of the future.

Membership of Matica Crnogorska
- members,
- honorable members and
- donors.

To become the member of Matica Crnogorska it is necessary to sign accession and submit biography.

The status of the member confirms Managing board.

Honorable members are chosen at the Assembly of Matica Crnogorska at the proposal of the Managing Board, among scientists, writers and artists, domestic and foreign.

Donors are Matica's benefactors who have been favoring its work for a long period of time.

Donors in the membership of Matica Crnogorska are appointed by the Managing Board.

Organization of Matica Crnogorska:

Governing Bodies :

  1. Assembly
  2. Managing Board
  3. President
  4. Secretary General
  5. Supervisory Board and
  6. Court of Honor

Assembly of Matica Crnogorska is formed by members of the governing bodies of Matica Crnogorska and delegates of its branches. Assembly of Matica Crnogorska gathers every four years.

Managing Board consists of the Secretary General and six members appointed by Assembly of Matica Crnogorska. Managing Board gathers every three months, or if necessary, when the Secretary General convenes it.

Matica's President represents Matica, presides assembly and convenes sessions and is free to participate in the work of the Managing Board and to suggest solutions how to deal with the topics that are under the Managing Board's authority.

Secretary General governs Managing Board, cooperates with the President of Matica Crnogorska and coordinates the work of the Board, of the branches and other working bodies of Matica Crnogorska.

Supervisory Board consists of five members which appoint president among their members. Its mandate is four years.

The Court of Honor has five members who choose the president. The Court of Honor estimates if behavior of the member of Matica Crnogorska is in accordance with the Statute and has authority to warn and exclude.

At the Assembly of Matica Crnogorska, held on May 22th in 2008 for the president of Matica Crnogorska was chosen Branko Banjević, the writer, for the secretary general was chosen Marko Špadijer,the publicist, and for the members of Managing Board: Rade Bojović, Adnan Čirgić, Čedo Drašković, Dragan Radulović, Novica Samardžić and Rajko Vujičić.

At the Assembly for the members of the Supervisory Board were chosen:Milovan Đuričković, Zoran Mišurović, Veselin Popović, Sreten Radonjić and Mihailo Vujović, and for the members of the Court of honor: Čedo Bogićević, Žarko Mališić, Dubravka Mitrović, Stanko Roganović and Olivera Žižić.


Matica' s boards

Matica Crnogorska has four boards: Board for the science, Board for the education and culture, Board for the Montenegrin language and literature and Board for the cooperation with the emigrants.

Boards are managed by the secretary of the board.


Matica's branches

The branch of Matica Crnogorska is managed by the Managing board which must have at least president, secretary and treasurer.

The president of Matica Crnogorska confirms the president of the branch.

The branch annually submits the report to the secretary general of Matica Crnogorska about its activities and position of the membership.


Matica crnogorska Ulica beogradska 24 c, Podgorica,
tel/fax: +382 20 232 301, 232 302, 231 150, mail: