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Article 1

Matica Crnogorska (hereinafter: Matica), founded in Cetinje in 1993, shall continue to accomplish its program goals and perform activities of public interest in accordance with this Law, as an independent and non-profit organization in the field of culture.

Article 2

Matica shall affirm nationally constructive culture and national identity of the people of Montenegro and shall perform activities promoting and developing the multi-ethnic character of Montenegro.

Article 3

Matica shall be autonomous in performing its activity in accordance with this Law.
Matica shall be managed by its members through its managing bodies.

Article 4

Matica shall have the capacity of a legal person.
Matica's seat shall be in Cetinje.

Article 5

The work of Matica shall be public.

Article 6

Matica shall have its Statute.

The Statute shall regulate: internal organization, rights and responsibilities of members, managing bodies, as well as other issues that are of importance for the Matica's work and activities.

Article 7

For the purpose of accomplishing its program goals, Matica shall perform the following activities:
•  develop values of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural democratic society;
•  strengthen and develop national and cultural identity of Montenegrins;
•  affirm national and cultural identity of other peoples living in Montenegro ;
•  establish and foster relationships of Montenegrin Diaspora with Montenegro ;
•  study and affirm historical and cultural heritage of Montenegro ;
•  popularize historical and modern values that are of vital importance for the identity and cultural prosperity of Montenegro ;
•  organize public discussions and lectures with the aim of strengthening democratic, cultural and multi-national identity of Montenegro ;
•  perform publishing activity which is in the function of set program goals;
•  develop internal organization and expand membership with the aim of affirming its program goals and strengthening its public influence;
•  cooperate with domestic and foreign institutions in the field of culture, science and arts;
•  perform other activities in accordance with its Statute, programs and agenda.

For the purpose of performing its activities, Matica may found companies, institutions and other appropriate forms of activities.

Article 8

Matica shall acquire property and funds for its work from the budget of the Republic of Montenegro (hereinafter: Republic of Montenegro ), donations, gifts, membership fees and in other ways permitted by law.

Article 9

The Republic of Montenegro shall provide spatial and material conditions for the work of Matica.

Funds for the work of Matica, required for the financing of its program activities and the work of technical and professional service, shall be provided by the budget of the Republic of Montenegro from the funds allotted to the Ministry of Culture.

Article 10

Matica shall form technical and professional service for the performance of professional, technical, administrative and other activities.
The organization and job classification scheme of the Matica's technical and professional service shall be subject to the approval of the Government of the Republic of Montenegro .

Article 11

This Law shall come into force on the 8 th day from the day of publishing in the "Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro ".

SU-SK Number 01-89/13-05
Podgorica, on March 18 th , 2008


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